Ballerina's feet don't lie

By Marina Low
over 3 years ago

Silence… Lights on. The ballerina stays still on the stage, ethereal, fragile, exquisite. Light as a feather ready to raise the flight.

The music marks the start, and the immobile ballerina awakens from her placid drowsiness to delight all those present with her impeccable performance.

Muscles, balance, control. The delicateness of Ballet dance is based on fierce discipline and sacrifice.

Darian Volkova knows something about that. She is a ballet photographer and a professional ballet dancer herself, living and working in St. Petersburg. When going on a ballet tour, along with her ballet equipment, she packs her camera. With it, she immortalises moments and tells stories of a ballet dancer’s day by day.

About her work she says:

“Ballet is my native environment so I can show this world as the dancer see it… I always look for new ideas for ballet photography, just beautiful picture isn’t enough for me I want to tell a story.”

Her Instagram account takes the spectator for a walk through the lights and shades of the Ballet world.

We show you here some of her work.