Gourmet guide to Sevilla

By Marina Low
over 2 years ago

Food feeds body and soul, even more if in good company! and Sevilla is the place for it.

The breathtaking beauty of the city, along with the wonderful weather and the outgoing character of its people, create the perfect atmosphere to enjoy the outdoor lifestyle.

Not long ago, Sevilla had limited gastronomic offerings, consisting of traditional “tapas” bars and restaurants. But nowadays the picture is different thanks to a more opened and accessible world. The traditional cooking style places remain, as well as others that increasingly accept the challenge and innovate. New restaurants have also appeared on scene with a creative cuisine based on local products, with a different and interesting perspective, often infused with flavours from different origins.

Italian, Lebanese, Greek, Moroccan, Indian, Japanese or Korean restaurants mingle on the streets to share their traditional recipes with Sevillians and visitors.

From the point of view of a local, who is also a foodie who travels the world enjoying every bite of it, these list below gathers some of the best restaurants in Sevilla, in case you decide to swing by ;)



High altitude cuisine

La Azotea Sevilla

One of the top restaurants in Sevilla since 2009. They offer first quality fresh ingredients cooked to the perfection with an impeccable style, within a classy but informal atmosphere.

Their menu is varied and the food is delicious. Their places are set up so you can enjoy your meal sitting at the bar, in a more informal way, or at one of their lovely tables (tapas are only available at the bar, whereas at the tables, they’ll serve you half and full portions). Fish, meat, amazing seafood and vegetables, sinful desserts… Everything here is worth trying. And they make good coffee!

If I was to name three amazing things about la Azotea, I’d highlight the quality of their products, the great selection of wines and all the fresh fish and other ingredients on display at the bar, so you know exactly what you’re going to get.

It’s all goodness in this place, but pay attention to this, they don’t make reservations and it’s in high demand. So, my advice is to be there soon after they’ve opened, or giving them a call to know how busy they are.

They have four restaurants in Sevilla, but I would recommend the ones in Calle Jesús del Gran Poder 31, and Calle Zaragoza 5. Check their website for more info.

El Rincón de Beirut

The best of Lebanese cuisine in Sevilla

Lebanese cuisine

In the heart of Sevilla, walking distance to all monuments and facing the emblematic former Tobacco Factory, there is “El Rincón de Beirut”: the Lebanese corner in Sevilla.

People from Lebanon are connoisseurs of the fine dinning. Their traditional cuisine brings the mystic aroma of the Mediterranean sea. Spices, grains, vegetables, meat, fruit… a true blend of different Arabic styles, with a very special touch.

One of the highlights of this place, in addition to its privileged location and his delicious food, is the sun. Sun-seekers, this is a true jewel! Have a cold Cruzcampo while sunbathing, and forget about everything. Shade-seekers, no worries! They have big covering umbrellas on their terrace, as well as an interior dining room.

In their menu, plenty of options are available, and they are well known for serving halal food, following the Muslim tradition. If you’re trying this type of cuisine for the first time, don’t hesitate asking their cheerful outgoing crew, always happy to help with their best smile.

If you’re already convinced and want to give it a go, El Rincón de Beirut is located in Calle San Fernando 21. As previously pointed, just in front of the main entrance to the former Tobacco Factory, now the University of Sevilla. They have a very helpful website, where you can book a table, check the menu and even read a bit about their story.

Al Aljibe

Inspiration through cultural fussion

Al Aljibe Sevilla

In the heart of one of the most alternative areas in Sevilla, La Alameda de Hércules, rises in its magnificence the restaurant Al Aljibe.

The Arabic name reveals the secret hidden within its walls, a traditional aljibe, which is still visible at the very entrance.

Within a cosmopolitan atmosphere, one can enjoy their creative cuisine overlooking the boulevard of La Alameda from the terrace or from the rooftop. Their indoor areas are also very beautiful and the temperature is cooler, as in good old houses.

Their menu is varied, composed of dishes with many different inspirations. From Peruvian, Japanese or Arabic, to traditional Spanish recipes like ensaladilla or croquetas, their assortment of dishes as well as the variety of their ingredients are remarkable, and their prices are very reasonable.

Find them on Alameda de Hércules 76. For further information, reservations, etc. visit their website.

El Espigón

High quality Andalusian tradition

El Espigón Sevilla

Within an exclusive but traditional atmosphere, El Espigón offers the true flavours of Andalucía.

This family business started in 1985, in a traditional sevillano style house, built on the occasion of the Universal Exhibition of 1929. Carefully designed, the interior of the restaurant reminds to a majestic boat.

In their menu, just prime quality ingredients. The freshest fish and seafood mingle with tasty meat dishes and delightful homemade desserts. Everything from local markets, cooked to the perfection to the liking of the customer.

Also, their wine offer has enough variety to suit anyone’s preference, as wells as to complement any of their meals to the perfection.

El Espigón Sevilla

Prices at El Espigón are not low, and sitting at a table in the dinning room can end up being a bit pricey if compared to other restaurants. So, if you feel like something more informal, their bustling bar is what you’re looking for. There, you can enjoy tapas, medias raciones (half portions) or raciones (full portions).

Summarising, this may not be the place you frequent every other day, but it definitely is a highly recommended stop for foodies visiting Sevilla. So, if you decide to give it a go, I would encourage you to not miss their amazing Jamón de Bellota and their Irish coffee. This last one might take a bit longer than usual, but it’s because their whipping the cream for you!

Find them on Calle Bogotá 1 and now also, on Calle Doña María Coronel 2, a brand new restaurant they’ve opened in the historical centre of Sevilla. For more info, reservations, etc. check their website


Sevilla’s gastrobar par excellence

Zelai Sevilla

In the heart of Sevilla lies Zelai, a restaurant and a gastrobar where tradition and modernity fuse to create a very personal experience.

Collecting success since 2008, Zelai has always been synonymous with high quality and trend. Tastefully done, the space has been designed so one can have a few tapas at the bar or at one of the high tables, but also sit down at a table inside or on the terrace. Thanks to a sharp business vision and an unique style, Zelai has forged its own identity throughout the years, and stand out from the rest of gastrobars in the city.

Their aim, as they imply on their website, is to provide people with the best environment to gather and unwind while enjoying any of their tasty dishes, a glass of wine or a cold beer.

Red tuna tataki, Zelai

In their menu customers can find traditional Spanish recipes like croquetas, ensaladilla or a tasty local sirloin, and also more elaborated and creative recipes like the always successful tataki made with the precious red tuna, Peruvian ceviche, and all that without forgetting about their famous risotto with Idiazabal cheese. Nothing will let you indifferent in Zelai (they even make good coffee!)

Finding good coffee in Sevilla can be challenging (I know it), but even more if you’re not sure how to ask for the one you like. No worries, click here to find out and don’t ever struggle again.

Zelai is located in Calle Albareda, 22 (very close to Plaza Nueva). Visit their website for further information.